Sunday September 9th

Must be time to get up … wonder what time it is?” I wondered to myself.  “Oh s**t it’s 11:54”.  Checkout is noon and we were due to change hotels.  Susan was jolted awake and we got dressed, threw our stuff back in the suitcase and were checked out in record time!  In fact 15 minutes after waking up we were ordering coffee in the hotel lounge.

Hanging baskets … sure sign of a pub!

The tube ride into London went fairly smoothly other than having to haul our bags up the stairs at Victoria Station (note to self … next time check out hotels next to tube stations that have elevators).  Our hotel was only a couple of blocks from the station.  Once checked into the Park Plaza it was off to find breakfast, lunch or whatever meal we were due after the time change.  When in London – look for the hanging baskets as a sure sign of a pub.  We found one with some vacant tables outside and I went inside to order beers and to check out the menu.  “Our draft is down” the bartender informs me.  Their limited selection of bottled beer didn’t look appealing.  Well a pub without draft was certainly not going to get my food order!  Fortunately we had passed a couple of pubs on the short walk from Victoria Station to the hotel and a few minutes later were seated in one of them, pints of draft in front of us and food on order.  Neil is happy!

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent lounging in our room.  Our breakfast/lunch at the pub turned out to be breakfast/lunch/dinner.


1 thought on “Sunday September 9th

  1. You forgot to note that somewhere (probably rainy Toronto) our luggage got wet and we had spread wet clothes all around our room at the Soffitel which had to be repacked, some things still damp. Amazingly we were downstairs in about 20 minutes!

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