Saturday, September 15th

One week since our trip began.

Today was a day to relax.  We slept in then had a leisurely breakfast. The sun was shining and it had warmed up from the past couple of days.  In the morning the terrace is mostly in the shade but if you can find a beam of sunlight sneaking around the corner of the house it is nice and warm to sit in.

The morning provided a chance to wander around the farm a bit and to take a few photos.

We spent the early afternoon reading on the terrace but after lunch we wandered down to the pool.  The water looked too inviting to resist so in I went.  Well looks can be deceiving.  It was fairly cold (turns out about 19 degrees).  Once you talked yourself all the way in it wasn’t too bad.  I spent a few minutes swimming laps around the perimeter.  The pool is about 15m by 5m so is a fairly decent size for a backyard pool.  Built on one of the terraces from the old vineyard it is shared between The Barn and the main house but is secluded from both buildings.  There is a great view out over the valley and hills and it is a lovely place to lie in the sun with a book.  And maybe with a few more days of sun the water will warm up to a little more tolerable temperature.  Polar bear dips are fine but you don’t feel inclined to spend a lot of time in the water.

Our pasta dinner, accompanied by a bottle of Le Miccine Vermentino concluded another perfect day.


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