Sunday, September 16th

Today was another day to relax.

I did start the day with a run or maybe it would be more accurate to call it a walk with a bit of running thrown in.  I headed up the driveway from Boggioli, and I do mean up.  It was a tough way to start a run without a warm-up to immediately be running up a steep hill.  Needless to say I didn’t go far before I started walking.  About this time Alba appeared, delighted to have someone to run with.  I continued to run and walk with Alba trotting in front of me.  At one point I tried to shoo her back to the house but she wasn’t taking the hint.  This could be a problem, I thought, as I wouldn’t want to run on the main road with her.  I wasn’t sure what she would do with cars around and wasn’t sure whether she would stick with me once we were off the property.  So I decided that if she didn’t turn back on her own I would only run as far as the main road (1.5K) and then return.  About a kilometer into the run I heard a car coming from behind.  It was Keith who had anticipated my problem and had come to fetch Alba and take her back in the car.  Now I had mixed feelings as I had lost my excuse to turn around at 1.5K and would have no excuse but to continue on.  I got to the main road and turned right, away from Montegonzi.  It was still primarily uphill so I spent a lot of time walking.  The scenery was incredible … vineyards, villas, olive groves, the view out over the valley and to the hills beyond … this just made the run so worth it!  Eventually I got to the 5K mark and turned around.  The return trip was mainly downhill so I managed to run most of the way.  On my return to the farm yard faithful old Alba was there to greet me.

Boggioli from the top of the driveway

Susan made use of the washing machine in the main house to do a couple loads of laundry while I swept the floors in The Barn.  Chores done we retired once again to the terrace to relax with a magazine.  Later in the afternoon we headed down to the pool for a change of scenery.  There we met Helen & Keith’s daughter who is visiting for a few days.  The pool was still about as cold as yesterday so I didn’t venture in.  It was certainly relaxing there and I dozed off a couple of times while reading my book.

Tonight we thought we would try dining at Osteria di Montegonzi however when we got there we discovered it is only open from 9:00 to 1:00 on Sundays.  So plan B was to go back to Borgoforra.  Fortunately they were open so we took a table on their covered and partially enclosed patio.  While the evening had started to cool off it was still comfortable to sit outside and the view over the valley made it worthwhile.  I noticed right away that there was a Le Miccine Chianti Classico on the wine list so of course we had to order a bottle.  Dinner was delicious again and I saved room for some of the best Tiramisu that I have had in a long time.


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