Thursday, September 20th

The black rooster … symbol of Chianti Classico

A more leisurely visitation to a couple of nearby towns was the order-of-the-day today.  In the mid-13thcentury Florence united the centers of Castellina, Radda and Gaiole into the Lega del Chianti with the black rooster as their symbol.  As we had already been to Gaiole in Chianti we chose the visit the other two towns.

Castellina in Chianti

The approach to Castellina in Chianti is dominated by the view of the imposing tower of the old fortress.  We found a parking lot on the edge of town and walked to the town center.  The streets were lined with many little shops and restaurants and were full of tourists, including quite a few cyclists.  It was easy to confirm the popularity of cycling in the area with the number of shops selling cycling jerseys.  We strolled along the streets, purchased a few souvenirs, and then returned along the same road we had arrived on to Radda in Chianti.

Radda in Chianti

Like Castellina, Radda retains its medieval charm yet is a quite different town from Castellina.  From the main piazza with its beautiful fountain you can stroll around the perimeter wall of the old fortress for some incredible views out over the surrounding valleys and mountains.  We enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed mid-afternoon light lunch at the Forchetta di Chianti restaurant before returning home to the barn.


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