Tuesday, September 11th

Finally a chance to sleep in!  After a late, leisurely breakfast at the bakery again we were off to Harrods.  The last time we were in London I had found a great cycling jersey at a reasonable cost at Harrods.  So naturally on this return trip to London I had to see if I could score another great shirt.  Success!  But my friends back home are going to have to wait to see what I got this time.

Our next destination (after a pub-stop for lunch of course) was Trafalgar Square.  Our plan was to visit the National Gallery but after poking our noses inside we realized that we had toured through it the last time in London.  We debated going in but decided instead that we would hang around the square a bit (great people-watching place) then head for a beer.  I know it’s hard to believe but we found those magic hanging baskets just a short walk from the square and soon found ourselves with pints of ale in front of us.

After our refreshment stop it was back via the tube to Victoria Station and our hotel.  Following our dinner (OK at another pub!) it was time to pack our bags in preparation for an early morning check-out.


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