Sunday, September 30th

View near train station

Breakfast was again at the hotel then it was back to the room to pack and to check out.  We stopped at the café at the end of our lane for a latté and to while away a bit of time.

On the vaporetto I was watching for the Piazza Roma stop when Susan pointed out we were at the train station.  Good thing she was watching although if we had missed the stop it would have only been a short ride back.

Santa Maria Novella station … Venice

We had lots of time to spare which of course necessitated filling the time with a gelato stop.  Eventually our train arrived and we were off, right on time, to Florence.  We left this beautiful city hoping one day to return.

Susan at train station in Venice

We had about 30 minutes in Florence, long enough to grab a quick snack and find out from what track our connecting train was leaving.  Punctually at 4:12 we were pulling out of the station to return to Montevarchi.

We were greeted on our drive back home to The Barn with a heavy downpour, thunder and lightning.  Once snug back in The Barn we abandoned our original plan to go out for dinner to Borgo Forra in favor of staying put and making dinner at home.

For tomorrow Keith has promised us a tutorial on olive oil.


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