Tuesday, October 2nd

Alba “on guard”

The mornings now have a little Fall crispness in the air.  The word from back home though is that we sure aren’t missing anything on the weather front there!

By now my morning routine has become somewhat established.  I head downstairs, light the gas stove and put the kettle on. Next I open the heavy wooden doors that cover the entryways into The Barn letting the morning light stream in. Some mornings Alba stops by to say good morning. I fire up the laptop then head back to the kitchen to measure a couple of scoops of coffee into the bodem and pour in the boiling water.  Then check the computer to see if it has internet access so I can check email.  Next it’s back to the kitchen to push the plunger down on the bodem.  Pour a cup of coffee.  Ahhhh the day can begin!

We returned to Radda in Chianti today as it is not far and we really liked it the first time we visited.  I’m getting familiar enough with the main routes by now that I didn’t need the GPS at all for our journeys today.

Partway up the driveway to the main road we encountered one of Keith Richmond’s employees doing a little grading of the roughest part of the road.  We look forward to a smoother ride down the driveway when we return.

Road narrowing between 2 buildings, Montegrossi

At the top of the drive we turned right and took the “shortcut” road I have talked about before.  This time we stopped for a few minutes in Montegrossi to take some pictures, including a couple of where the road narrows  between two buildings to barely wider than one vehicle.  The little hamlet itself is actually quite pretty.


Once in Radda we parked in the free parking lot we found last time and walked up the hill to the main part of town.  We spent about an hour and a half wandering the streets checking out the shops and even making a few purchases.

More shopping in Radda

At about 12:30 we got seated in La Perla del Palazzo restaurant and enjoyed a great lunch accompanied by a bottle of Chianti Classico.

Susan at restaurant

Following lunch we purchased a bottle of vin santo from a little enoteca (wine shop) located just off a tunnel in the bowels of a medieval building … very cool!

On the road again, we stopped by Le Miccine  winery to buy some more Vermentino and a bottle of their Chianti Classico Riserva.  This is the winery operated by the young woman from Montreal that we first visited a couple of days after arriving in Tuscany.  We chatted for a while with Paula Clark and her mother Rita before setting off once again.

Our next stop was Gaiole in Chianti for cappuccinos and to use up a bit of time as the Coop in Cavriglia doesn’t open until 4:30.

Grocery shopping in Cavriglia was next on the list then the drive home.  It was a nice day revisiting some now familiar spots.


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