Saturday, October 6th

Gateway to Arezzo

Podere Boggioli is located within the Province of Arezzo.  On this beautiful, sunny Saturday it was time to finally visit the city of Arezzo.  About an hour’s drive from Montegonzi through Montevarchi brought us to the outside of the wall around the old city.  We lucked into a parking spot steps away from one of the gates into the city, Porta San Lorentino.

Naturally the first order of business after such a long drive was an espresso and pastries.  We found a café about two blocks from where we parked and enjoyed our coffee while watching the owner preparing sandwiches behind the counter of the deli.  This stop also garnered me some change to go back and plug the meter for some additional parking time.

Antique market

We continued uphill to the Piazza Grande.  The first weekend of every month the square and many surrounding streets are filled with a giant antiques market.  Offerings ranged from beautiful to trashy.  We certainly were lucky to have chosen this day to visit Arezzo.

Refreshment and a view

Past Basilica di San Domenico was a beautiful park with a row of food vendors on one side.  I bought a glass of beer at one vendor … it was a hot day after all!  We spent a few minutes wandering around the park and enjoying the view of the valley from the edge of the park before descending into the square again.


We wandered down countless streets filled with antique vendors past several more churches and piazzas.  Eventually we found ourselves back at Porto San Lorentino and our car.

Lunch stop

On the drive back to Montevarchi we stopped for a light lunch at Trattoria La Querce.  The food was good and it was very pleasant sitting on the vine-covered terrace.

Wine stop in Montevarchi

Soon we were back on the road again to Montevarchi.  While we have been to Montevarchi several times for grocery shopping or to catch the train, we had not as yet explored the historic old city.  We found a parking spot and then enjoyed a glass of wine at a bar beside the parking lot.

Performers in Montevarchi

A couple of blocks away we came upon the main square where there was some kind of music festival going on.  A stage was set up on one side of the piazza with some seating set up in front of it.  We spent some time listening to the music and watched the young performers dance.

As it was getting later in the afternoon it was time to return to Boggioli.  Another day of enjoying Tuscan gems was complete.


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