The Journey Home

I write this as we sit in the Frankfurt airport on Wednesday morning awaiting the loading and departure of our flight to London Heathrow.

Shortly after 9:00 this morning we said our farewells to Keith and Helen. Keith threatened to check the car to make sure that we weren’t trying to make off with Alba. Alas Alba needs the wide open spaces and wouldn’t be happy in a city lot. We were sad to leave Boggioli and Tuscany but at the same time looking forward to heading home.

Our drive to Florence was uneventful save for the cattle that had got loose at the top of the driveway (the same cattle I photographed the other day). Perhaps they were trying to come with us however someone was already herding them back into the enclosed field. The GPS took us on a bit of a tour of Florence but we ultimately found the rental car return near the airport. We only had a few minutes to wait before the shuttle came to take us to the airport.

We arrived with lots of time to spare. For a short time it looked like we might have been bumped to a different flight through Zurich (with a cash incentive thrown in) as our flight was over-booked. In the end, though, we were put on an earlier flight to Frankfurt which still worked out OK. You have to like Lufthansa – they still serve real food along with complimentary beer and wine!

It is now a day later and I am sitting in the SAS/Air Canada Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3.

Our arrival at Heathrow yesterday went very smoothly. By the time we got through Customs our bags were right there. The train to Terminal 5, where the Sofitel Hotel is located, was waiting and departed about a minute after we boarded.

We checked into the hotel then headed back to the Terminal 5 Underground station where we caught the Piccadilly Line to Hammersmith. Conveniently located across the street from the Hammersmith tube station is the Swan Pub where a couple of pints of London Pride and delicious fish and chips awaited us. Then it was back to the hotel for desert and a port before retiring for the night.

Today (now Thursday) our check-in for our flight and pass through security has gone without a hitch and we are now relaxing and waiting for our departure gate to be posted. Hmmm I see there is no line-up at the draught taps …

It’s now about 5 hours into our flight. For dinner we had an appetizer of scallops with couscous, pureed peas, and Crab Timbale accompanied by a Vermantino from Sardinia and a green salad with balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. The main course was rack of lamb, broccoli and roasted potatoes along with a tasty Malbec. A cheese plate was a great companion to a glass of port followed up by apple pie coffee and Grand Marnier.

It seems like a good day to watch a couple of classic films I have never actually watched before. At the moment I am watching Some Like it Hot. Earlier I watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I don’t know about the good but bad and ugly describes this classic from Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti western days, before he started directing and actually starring in some pretty good films, and long before he started talking to empty chairs!

It has been an amazing month. I’ve developed a whole new respect for Chianti Classico and developed a new friend in Vermantino. Brunellos and Vino Nobiles will be permanent residents in my cellar. But above all I have wonderful memories of incredible scenery, delicious food and warm, hospitable people.

Well back to Some Like It Hot before I get too maudlin!

Home again. We’ve picked up Risa from the kennel. Tonight it will feel good to sleep in our own bed again.


2 thoughts on “The Journey Home

  1. Thanks for this blog Neil, I for one lived vicariously through your adventure for the month. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time. Welcome home!

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